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With the grants from Cognizant Outreach Programme – Project 100 Schools

Chennai, 10th July 2019: Madras Mylapore Round Table (MMRT) # 3 in association with Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle (MMLC) #4 today announced the completion of their work at three different middle schools located in Sholinganallur, Anjur and Navallur. This project was assigned to them as a part of “Cognizant Outreach Programme – Project 100 Schools”. The handing over ceremony was in conjunction with the cause of promoting the National project of MMLC #4 * MMRT #3’s combine initiative Project 100 Schools for the underserved schools in Tamil Nadu.

The team executed these projects for the year with the grants from the Cognizant Outreach Programme – Project 100 Schools and implemented the following:
· Painting and installation of new tiles for the class rooms
· Construction of pump room
· Provision of hand wash area
· Renovated the old windows and revamped the electrical wiring and fittings
· Plaster work for the brick wall, weather course, false ceiling for all the classrooms
· Supplied electrical goods such as fan, tube light, PA System
· Pipe line an cable work
· Water proofing for the building and installation of hand pump
· Renovation of toilet – paver blocks for boys, toilets for girls
· Refurbishing of benches and chairs

Through this initiative around 1410 children will be benefitted and the total cost of the project would be around Rs.45,40,988/=.

MMRT3 Chairman Tr Vijay Srinivas of Round Table India, said, “It was a proud moment for all of us, we believe education plays a vital role in not only reducing poverty but also empowers children to improve their socio-economic conditions of their families”.

Commenting on the project, Dr. Vani Vijay, Chairperson, MMLC#4 said, “In this fast paced world, none of us have fulfilment in life, helping underserved children will not only give you happiness but also charisma in life. Moreover, it was wonderful to see children enjoying their new facility and we take this as a step towards bringing more of such initiatives”.

Project 100 schools is amongst the various projects undertaken by Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle (MMLC) #4 in association with Madras Mylapore Round Table (MMRT) #3 to create a peaceful environment and it generates a positive impact on the students.