Shutter World is offering customers an exclusive 20% off their quality plantation shutters when they choose to buy sizes of four square feet or more. This offer is available for a limited time only, so customers are urged to head on over and make the most of these amazing prices while they can.

Specialising in wooden shutters, Shutter World offer custom sizing options to ensure everyone gets the right fit for their home. With a quick, instant quote feature on their website, it’s never been easier for customers to find interior shutters that are perfect for their property.

A company spokesperson for Shutter World commented: “Our special 20% off discount will give people with larger windows a head start on making their interior decor look incredible. We’ll always give customers a fair price and try to brighten their day with special promotions when we can.”

Talking about the benefits of having internal shutters, the spokesperson continued: “Shutters allow for the most control when it comes to the light in your home. Curtains only allow for darkness or light and don’t always work when partially closed. Shutters can be adjusted until you find the perfect angle and will last for years to come with minimal maintenance needed.”

Shutter World have a range of different styles on offer, ranging from MDF to hardwood and PVC. “We realise everyone has different preferences,” says the spokesperson, and indeed Shutter World carry an impressive selection. Hardwood shutters are often the most durable, offering a rustic, traditional appearance, while PVC can be easier to maintain and weigh less.

When it comes to colours, Shutter World customers can choose from a ready-made selection, from Lilac White to Seagrass Green and Duckling Yellow, with the 20% discount applying across the range. Custom designs are also available.

With summer often the preferred time for property owners to make improvements, this discount is primed to give value for money, whether the shutters are for the home or office.