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Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2019 — HDTV Supply, one of the nation’s top Internet providers of consumer electronics devices and related products, announced their new HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ 4K 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 w/8-HDBaseT Receivers is an integrated HDMI video and HDMI audio modular 9×8 HDMI matrix router. The chassis back plane allows various technologies to be converted and switched eliminating external converters and it allows any input to be routed to any output, or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination with this 9-HDMI in and 8-HDBaseT extenders (which are included).

The core of the Modular HDMI Matrix Routers consist of a 9×9 Modular Matrix chassis & its highly configurable backplane that supports 9 – input HDMI cards & 8 – HDBaseT (RJ45) connections and includes 8 – HDBaseT POE receivers. You can control the switch via our IOS & Android app,front buttons, WEB GUI control, or the RS-232 serial port. The matrix does not have IR nor a remote control.

The base model of this 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 is HDTV Supplys Modular HDMI Matrix Router and is preconfigured with 9-female HDMI inputs and 8-HDBaset outputs and comes with 8-HDBaseT receivers. By having 1-port slide in cards the matrix is very reliable as in the unlikely even there is a loss of signal you just replace the card with a spare you have purchased or order another from us. The complete matrix doesn′t have to be sent to us for a repair.

The WolfPack 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 manage many type of HDMI signals including HDBaseT CATx cabling. The 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 support long haul transmission, maintains power reliability in the event of failure and offer the best flexible solutions for an AV system deployment. Our 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 system also can support high-resolution HDMI sources routed to HDMI displays, monitors, projectors, or audio receivers, etc.

The heart of the 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 is the WolfPack chassis backplane which allows customization of the configuration for input and output cards to match every need of the system and application. The matrix support hot-plugs and you can change the cards while the equipment are still working.

EDID Explained: The 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher over CAT5 EDID provides for optimal source-to-screen performance. EDID will optimize the video card output for the capabilities of the end display. The EDID ghost unit enables the copying, emulating, cloning, and “learning” of EDID data from a display. Our EDID Emulator and repeater comes with pre-defined presets, user programmable banks, Sink EDID sniffing bank and more. Our EDID Emulator ensures proper operation, for the best performing HDMI audio and video signal between any source and display Resolves loss of video, intermittent (flashing) video, snow, or color-space (purple or red) issues.

The WolfPack 4K/30 9×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher via CAT5 w/8-HDBaseT Receivers with Lifetime Telephone, CHAT, TEXT, FAX & Email Tech Support and is available now and can be purchased at×8-hdmi-matrix-switch-cat5.html

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