Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces the Natron™ ST Series inks for soft touch substrates. The Natron™ ST Series pad printing inks not only work with on soft touch products such as pens, but can also be used for pad printing or screen printing onto rubber, nylon and synthetic products.

Woburn, Massachusetts – The ability to adhere onto most soft touch materials makes the Natron™ ST Series ink line a revolutionary screen printing and pad printing ink. Examples of products that can be used for pad printing with these inks for soft touch are, soft touch pens or rubberized soft touch stylus, soft touch cell phone covers, etc.

What is soft touch? Soft touch is a coating applied to plastics and rubber substrates to give the coated products a smooth, soft feel. The soft touch coating makes it hard for printing inks to adhere on products. To solve this challenge, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. formulated the ST series pad printing ink for soft touch printing.

This new pad printing inks for soft touch and synthetics features fast drying time, high opacity and excellent print-ability. Cured prints are also able to resist rubbing, machine washing, and scratch tests. The Natron™ ST series ink line is also easy to work with just like the Natron™ SE silicone ink line.

ST Series inks for soft touch comes in 20 high opacity standard colors and is available in 1kg containers. Custom colors are also available within eight business hours upon request.

Generally, the ST series will air dry at 68°F in 20-30 seconds and will achieve full cure within 18 – 48 hours. With catalyst added, full cross-link is achieved in 24 – 36 hours. Accelerated drying can be achieved introducing heat at 150 – 225°F for approximately 60 seconds to two minutes. (Safety caution! Wait for the hot product to cool down before touching).

The ST Series pad printing inks not only solves the challenge of printing onto nylons, rubber, and soft touch substrates but it also offer economic value, durability, and vibrant prints.

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