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Alexandra, Louisiana has a lot of large and beautiful native trees. However, they may stand as hazards to both commercial and residential properties. U.S. Lawns helps property owners and managers by providing complete tree care services.

[ORLANDO, 7/3/2019] – Louisiana has a lot of large and beautiful native trees. Its swamps have 100 to 150-foot-tall bald cypresses that are over a thousand years old, according to the National Forest Foundation’s article, “Sentinels of the Swamp Cypress and Tupelo Trees.” The forests and cities also have the ever-sturdy flowering dogwood, live oak, and red maple.

As marvelous as these giants are to look at, some of them have become a hazard to residential and commercial areas in cities like Alexandria. As such, U.S. Lawns provides business owners with tree care services that help them keep their landscapes safe for both customers and employees.

The Hazard Tree Problem

The City of Alexandria, Louisiana website recently posted something about private tree maintenance. It cited various sources on identifying problems that trees have and how to deal with them. One of these papers was the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “How to Recognize Hazardous Tree Defects” handbook. It recommended people to look out for the following issues:

• Deadwood, which are brittle branches with no leaves or buds.
• Cracks on the bark
• Decaying wood
• Cankers on the stem
• Soil mounds caused by leaning trees

These issues are often hard to detect and deal with as a business owner. As such, U.S. Lawns provides tree care services for commercial properties in Alexandria. The company has a team of urban forestry management experts, and it’s partnered up with certified arborists from the International Society of Arborists (ISA).

Apart from selecting which trees are best for their customer’s landscape, U.S. Lawns’ crew handles all the pruning, trimming, and fertilization needed to keep these plants strong and healthy. They’re also trained to work closely with customers to create a treatment plan that addresses hazards and liability issues that a tree may have on a commercial property.

When it comes to maintaining trees for safety and aesthetics, U.S. Lawns is prepared to take on the job. The company also serves commercial properties in Natchez, Pineville, and Oakdale.

About U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns has been a trusted name in the landscaping industry for decades. They have over 250 locations across America, and are continuing to expand. Their owner/operators are trained in offering landscape maintenance, landscape improvements, snow and ice management, hardscapes, irrigation, ornamental tree care, and lawn care services. They work closely with their customers to create landscape management plans, so every project is done right and stays on budget.

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