The Townsville-based team of criminal lawyers works on cases involving criminal charges, traffic offences, domestic violence and white-collar crime.

[TOWNSVILLE, 5/7/2019] – Connolly Suthers recognises the distress that comes with being charged with a criminal offence. In a moment of stress, people are likely to lose grasp of their legal rights. The Townsville-based law firm offers its experience in seeing clients through criminal cases, from when the police get in touch to the completion of a trial.

Protecting the Rights of Clients

Connolly Suthers has a team of criminal lawyers who are committed to protecting a client’s interest. Lawyers will inform clients of each step involved in the court process, giving advice honed through years of experience in criminal law.

A common advice to clients may be to practise their right to silence. The right to remain silent is typically overlooked by defendants when the stress of their situation becomes too much to bear.

Connollly Suthers does note that each case is unique. As such, its advice will depend on the client’s situation and the elements involved in the charges.

Providing a Tailored Approach

The team studies cases carefully to come up with a strategy that meets the client’s needs. The firm caters to individuals facing different charges, including:

• Criminal charges – the firm explains that working with a lawyer right after the police gets in touch may prevent difficulties defendants may face.
• Traffic offenses – this can lead to license suspension and a term of imprisonment. The firm represents clients in court and makes submissions to lower the penalty that may be imposed.
• White-collar crimes – these include tax offenses, bribery and money laundering, among others. Individuals facing these kinds of charges may face serious consequences, so help from an experienced lawyer is crucial.
• Domestic violence – Connolly Suthers works on domestic violence issues ranging from application for an order against someone to appealing an order

The law firm can help clients, whether they intend to avoid a criminal conviction on their record or are facing a term of imprisonment.

About Connolly Suthers

Connolly Suthers was founded in 1895 in North Queensland. Since then, it has become one of the most diverse and dynamic law firms in the region. With more than 120 years of experience handling a variety of cases, the law firm has the knowledge, experience and genuine concern for every case setting it apart from every other firm in Townsville.

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