Plainfield, Illinois- July 7, 2019- TMZ Plumbing, Inc. in Plainfield, IL is excited to share valuable tips that will help homeowners save money on their water bill. As summer has already begun, and the days are growing hotter, getting outside and playing in the water is just one activity to keep cool this season. However, many problems can arise that can result in higher than average water bills.

TMZ Plumbing suggests that during summer is an excellent time to identify any leaks within the system. Leaks can occur anywhere inside and outside the home. Taking the time to investigate the property for loose fittings, broken shut-off valves, leaky faucets, or damaged pipes can save you substantially this summer, as water usage will continue to rise.

Another great tip presented by TMZ Plumbing is to investigate hoses and the sprinkler system if applicable. For devices that are on automatic timers, it is essential that these are fully operational. If a timer is defective, water usage could rise significantly. Likewise, if there are holes in hoses, when requesting water for sprinklers, pools, or to water the grass, there could be a significant loss. By replacing damaged hoses and sprinkler systems, homeowners can prevent a massive increase in their utility bill.

Keeping drains clear is also an excellent tip. TMZ Plumbing, Inc. advises that homeowners should invest in a good plunger, and avoid store-bought chemicals. Plungers can be used on any drain in the home, not just the toilet. Chemicals have damaging effects that can eat away at a pipe’s lining, which can result in leaks. TMZ Plumbing has said, “By avoiding chemicals at your local store for clearing stubborn clogs, homeowners can prevent costly repairs to plumbing pipes and their sewer lines.”

Lastly, for those that intend on going on vacation, turn off the water at the main valve. This can prevent leaks or burst pipes while away from the property. The last thing a homeowner wants to come home to is a flood, and turning off the water main is an excellent preventative measure, that takes only a minute to complete.


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