Vero IMC Vietnam, the branch of Thailand-based Vero PR, has now become its own independent agency under the name EloQ Communications. The change will allow the agency to establish its own identity in the Vietnamese market while maintaining its regional connections.

As Vero IMC, the agency specialized in working with overseas companies doing business in Vietnam, including such diverse clients as Rakuten Viber (Japan, Luxembourg), PropertyGuru (Singapore), Cargill (US), The Association of Boarding Schools (US), Merck (Germany), and Nok Air (Thailand). International clientele remains a major focus for EloQ, but the agency is also seeking to expand its connections throughout Asia in order to head more regional campaigns for both Vietnamese and foreign companies.

“We’re excited to go out on our own and re-define ourselves,” says EloQ founder Clāra Ly-Le, who has headed the agency for 3 years. “It gives us a further opportunity to build our own network and re-define what this agency will be. By making Vietnam our home base, we can show clients that we’re not just another international agency, but one that’s keenly aware of how best to operate within the social and cultural fabric of Vietnam. At the same time, we will maintain our reputation for honest and original campaigns in line with international marketing standards.”

The new name follows from this mission. Pronounced ‘eh-lok’, it is a shorter, catchier form of “Eloquent,” defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “giving a clear, strong message.” It emphasizes EloQ’s goal of using superior communication skills and local market literacy to represent their clients in a way that is both faithful to their branding and fluent in the local style.

Ly-Le says that EloQ Communications will offer both public relations and marketing services, distinguishing between two concepts that are often conflated in Vietnam. While marketing is geared towards brand awareness, loyalty, and conversion (sales), PR is all about creating an image and maintaining a positive reputation.

“Vietnam has rapidly become a major business hub of Southeast Asia, and I want us to represent what’s best about doing business here,” Ly-Le says, outlining a promising future for her agency. “By bringing in our ‘glocal’ focus and dedication, we are able to coordinate regional campaigns, strengthen our clients’ presence, and uphold their reputations in the market. We aim to serve everyone from large multinationals to startups and nonprofits with the same level of energy, commitment, and integrity. We believe that everyone deserves to have a clear voice, which is what inspired our choice of a new name.”