Crownpoint, New Mexico (July 05, 2019) – AfrikRising has been serving the underserved in Africa. In fact, this company fights hunger in Africa, which is one of the biggest problems faced by people in this continent. Now, for the relentless service to the underserved in this part of the world, this company has been nominated among the top 50 fasters growing companies for the year 2019 by the Silicon Review.

AfrikRising is the result of the birth of a humanitarian vision. Yes, this company was established by the passionate humanitarian Christine Reidhead. The board members of this organization are passionate about making a difference and helping the world to change.

When talking about her initiative in this organization, the founder and CEO Christine Reidhead says “The non-profit organization was set up because I saw a great need on the African Continent and their immense poverty. They are in great need of help and support and I couldn’t just sit back and watch these children continue to suffer. I know I am just one person, but I felt I could make a difference and hopefully inspire others to join my cause along the way.”

AfrikRising has been engaging in many projects right from the formation mainly with the motto of meeting the needs of every starving African child. An orphanage for homeless children in Africa was their first project and the orphanage is operational since 2007.

About AfrikRising:
AfrikRising is a non-profit organization established by Christine Reidhead on the humanitarian ground to help the under and unserved African people to bring them up in their lives.

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