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Reports suggest that Indian viewers, on an average, are watching TV for three hours and forty four minutes every day. It has also been found that TV viewership in India, since 2016, has shot up by 12%. This suggests that despite the rise of smart phones and cheap data which lead to the proliferation of a variety of entertainment networks, Indians still remain glued to their television sets. Dangal, the Hindi entertainment channel, gives the audience good enough reason to remain invested in TV as it delivers some of the best shows that cater to a wide niche of audience.

It delivers a wide range of shows that caters to all target groups. Even while it has a wide range of genres viewers can choose from, the channel is coming up with entertaining daily soaps on demand. It delves deeply into content that focuses on ancient history and mythology making it India’s number 1 GEC channel. Their website gives viewers an account of the variety of shows that are broadcasting as well as the date and time of when the respective shows air. In this way, it balances providing entertainment and even information to make the audience feel more united with history.

About Dangal
Dangal is a 24-hour general entertainment channel that offers a wide range of historical and mythological shows so that the audience feels more rooted to its culture. It is the most viewed TV channel in India that offers pure entertainment to the entire family. It also showcases movies so that viewers can have an amusing time on the weekend. Dangal also comes with the best kind of infrastructure facilities that help to deliver the best quality content to its viewers for an uninterrupted visual experience. It is the ideal channel for the entire family to sit down with and watch for an uninterrupted and entertaining time.

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Phone: 022 61014200