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When we are sick and, above all, when our children get sick, what we usually do is go to a general practitioner. Therefore, it plays an important role in the health of our loved ones. With a global vision of our state of health, South Auckland doctor becomes our counselor and solves any common disease of the smallest.

In South Auckland medical Centre, we have general practitioners and for that reason, we want to tell you how important it is to have a doctor of these characteristics that will help you take care of your children.

The role of the general practitioner in the health of children:

General medicine is the first level of medical care since the doctor is professionally trained to diagnose and manage different common pathologies.

Botany doctors also known as primary care physicians or family members are the first contact for the patient when they feel sick. In fact, the general practitioner diagnoses the patient’s health status using simple procedures, reaching 90% of the cases, without the need for any specialist to intervene.

The Botany doctors are the specialist whose area of knowledge covers the person. Therefore, unlike a specialist doctor who focuses on solving a specific problem, the primary care physician has a global vision of each disease that the patient has.

In addition, for patients who have chronic health problems and continuous over time, it is more than usual to go to health centers or private offices for help from the general practitioner.

In fact, primary care physicians often establish with their patients different routine controls where the pathology is re-evaluated, its development and the medical treatment that has been established, altering the medicines that are used.

Benefits of having a general medina doctor:

The benefits of having a trusted GP south Auckland to help you in the health care of the little ones are multiple but here we bring you a small list of how it can affect your peace of mind to have a professional of this type.

Continuity of attention:

Botany doctors have the responsibility to offer comprehensive care to the patient. This means that you have complete knowledge of the patient’s medical and clinical history, which also allows you to collaborate with other doctors more specialists in the detection and treatment of a more complex disease.

In addition, a general care doctor has more control over all the medications the patient is taking and can provide the most suitable to cure a certain disease.