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Connolly Suthers’ experience, knowledge and genuine concern for their clients set them apart from other law firms in Townsville and the rest of the North Queensland area. The law firm offers legal services for families and ensures the best outcome is achieved with unnecessary emotional and financial stress.

[Townsville, 7/4/2019] – Individuals undergoing divorce, custody battles, property settlements and cases of domestic and family violence are subject to the complexities of family law. Expert legal support and representation increases the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

Connolly Suthers provides peace of mind to its clients who require expert advice on the complexities of family law. The law firm uses all suitable means to ensure the best outcome is achieved with as minimal stress as possible.

Tailored Solutions to Family Law Cases

Connolly Suthers practises all aspects of family law, including:

• Child
• Divorce
• Child support
• Domestic and family violence
• Property settlements
• Spousal maintenance
• Free family law resources

The law firm understands that each case is different. Its legal team adapts its approach to clients based on their emotional, financial and legal needs.
Clients can be sure that their interests are protected, as Connolly Suthers exercises difficult and contentious disputes with the greatest discretion. The law firm utilises negotiation, mediation and if necessary, litigation to achieve its clients’ goals.

About Connolly Suthers

Connolly Suthers has considerable knowledge and experience in all aspects of business service, compensation law, conveyancing, criminal law, dispute resolution family law, property law, and wills and estates.

The law firm ensures it entrusts its clients to the best minds of the legal field. It selectively hires graduates from Townsville’s James Cook University, who are then screened to fit the firm’s requirements.

Connolly Suthers takes a personal approach to every case, taking its clients’ emotions and needs into consideration. Its legal practitioners provide professional and prompt attention, using all appropriate means to achieve the best results with minimal pressure for the client.

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