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iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company. The company has recently launched one of its ready to use products: iCallify. It is an intelligent call center software and according to the information shared by the spokesperson of the company it is now available for global customers.

“The iCallify is developed by keeping the global market in mind. It has the most elegant user interface which is easy to understand. We have also kept the labels of this call center solution according to the international standards. We are delighted to announce that we are catering international customers with this intelligent call center software”, shared spokesperson of the company.

The iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software is developed using predictive technology and years of experience in the call center industry. The spokesperson of the company announced a list of features available in this call center solution which is as below:

• Multiple Dashboards to view live call and related data
• Predictive dialer
• Preview dialer
• Progressive dialer
• Auto dialer
• Manual dialer
• Barge-in
• Whisper
• Web Phone integrated within the call center solution
• Round robin call routing
• Least talk time call routing
• Call routing to the agent with fewest calls
• Advanced call routing
• Call forwarding
• Call transfer
• Callback
• Conference call
• Soundboard Avatars to play prerecorded voice messages in native accents
• Popup the screen when the call is connected
• Call hold and retrieve
• Music on hold
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Call parking
• Call recording and playback
• Statistics of the agents with all key performance indicators
• Statistics of different accounts
• Call detail reports (CDRs)
• And more

The iCallify: Intelligent Call Center Software is available to use. The spokesperson of the company has assured installation of this solution within 24 hours once all the formalities are done. The company also provides free support for a predefined period.

As per the shared details, the sales representatives of the company are taking free demos of the prospects and the companies are showing really good interest in this solution.

“The call centers around the world love our call center software, which is obvious as we have developed it for them with all amazing features. We wanted to make sure all roadblocks faced by the call centers get removed. We are happy to share businesses are also finding it very useful and they are showing interest in using this solution for their different department. We have also made packages in a way that anyone can afford to use this intelligent call center software. We are now focused to expand our reach and we will cater more customers with our intelligent call center solution: iCallify”, shared spokesperson of the company.

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