Post-surgical Trauma Care refers to the care a patient receives following a surgical operation. The type and seriousness enormity of the performed surgery, and the patient’s past medical history, of the patient in question defines the kind and level of post-operative nursing care services required. Post-operative care includes ensuring medical care during the days following the surgical procedure and . It also involves making sure that all aspects of the patient conditions are monitored and treated, including pain management and caring for the wound care.

IHHC’s comprehensive post-surgical Trauma Care Plan is meticulously designed to deliver outstanding results by effectively meeting all the needs and requirements of the patients, ensuring a quicker, and more cost-effective recovery post- surgery at home. In addition, IHHC’s angels in white ensure that the patients receive the right kind of emotional and physical support during their recovery at home, by compassionately dispelling any fears and concern the clients and their families may have.

The kind of Post-Operative nursing care that is delivered is dependent on the needs of concerned patient, in question and it may vary extensively from one patient to another. IHHC provides regular day-to-day support post- surgery as per the surgeon’s directives and the care plan. , ensuring a reduced recovery time. Post-operative These services include: but are not limited to:
• Personal care e that is tailored to the patient’s needs
• Assessing the general status of the patient
• Assistance with mobility
• Wound care
• Medication review
• Nutrition and diet compliance
• Teaching and reinforcement
• Physical therapy

The ultimate aim of IHHC’s post-surgical Trauma Care Plan is to ensure the smooth and seamless recovery of patients , who have undergone surgical procedures, without any complications, and by providing effective adequate pain management and high-quality clinical care. This, in turn, assists the patients in taking responsibility for regaining good health.
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