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Australian dental practice Casey Dentists offers patients a variety of surgical and non-surgical methods to manage problems with their wisdom teeth.

[Aitkenvale, 04/07/2019] – Casey Dentists, a dental practice based in Queensland, Australia, has a variety of management methods for wisdom teeth problems. Dentists will closely examine the patient’s wisdom teeth and base their management recommendations on their findings.

The management plans include surgical and non-surgical options, depending on the condition of the patient’s wisdom teeth. The practice’s dentists and specialists can handle both management methods.

Non-surgical Management

Casey Dentists gives its patients mandatory panoramic radiographs to find out what management plan will best help their wisdom teeth problems. This is necessary for dentists to determine which range options are open to the patient. These options are either surgical or non-surgical.

Non-surgical options are open to patients’ whose wisdom teeth are not impacted and have sprouted normally. Non-surgical management revolves around the maintenance of the wisdom teeth. Casey Dentists’ oral health therapist will work closely with the patient to keep their wisdom teeth clean and healthy, as well as prevent any decay from causing problems in the future.

Painless Surgical Management

If a patient’s wisdom teeth are impacted, this might lead to damage to their neighbouring teeth. Worse cases can lead to infection in the gums and jaw bone, or even the formation of cysts.

Casey Dentists recommends the removal of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent further damage. Its clinic has the facilities and expertise needed to do this on-site, often with general anaesthesia. The dentists and anaesthetist perform this service painlessly.

About Casey Dentists

Casey Dentists is a dental practice in Townsville, Queensland. Its dentists believe in complete and comprehensive dental care, which they achieve by using advanced examination techniques and devices such as 3D dental scans. The dentists at this practice also offer first-time oral hygiene patients with a free electric toothbrush on their first visit.

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