Martial arts are emerging choice of youngsters now days. This is because, it is a excellent way to keep yourself physically fit as well as implementing it into self-defence as rising obesity problems and crime rates. It is the best way to involve children in martial arts from an early age. There are many advantages associated with this like keeping fit with growing body, defending themselves from the school bully.

Learning martial arts generates strong confidence in your kid, which can support them to conquer any obstacle they will face in real life. This skill of martial art may also help them to carry it for their adult life. If you live in a urban city, there are huge chances to choose from various classes as per desire. However, small clubs or schools in rural areas also have their own advantages too.

Before enrolling your kid to Kids Martial Arts Classes, first you need to look for a karate style that will suitable on your child. There are many options to choose from such as Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, and many more. Depending on your kid’s interest, you can visit different professional karate classes to know more about duration of training, fees structure, training methods etc.

Minnesota Kali Group (MKG) through their signature training methods encourage all potential students to learn highest level of martial art skills. All instructors here are developed and coached by Rick Faye and follows after to Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee. MKG offering expert martial art classes in JKD, Kali, JKD, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Minneapolis programs, Yoga, Filipino Boxing, Yoga, Jeet Kune Do and our signature Phase program.

In Minnesota Kali Group, skills progression will carry out in a focused, friendly and safe environment which is trademarks of the martial art program. These programs will help you to develop fitness, skills, and athleticism in day to day life.

If you are Interested to join MKG’s martial classes, call on 612-821-6800, you may also email at to ask any question about programs & classes. For more information visit