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If you need to get your goods from one place to another in a safe, reliable and cost effective way then truck transportation is hard to beat. Transporting goods by truck is still the most widely used mode of transport in the world. Trucks are robust and reliable and can easily drive on all roads, regardless of weather conditions, including snow.

When you need to transport your goods, you can use the Loadbook app to make the load booking process simple, efficient and get your truckload shipment on the road and delivered. Users of this amazing app are able to book loads faster, at the best rates, and with the best carriers for their businesses.

Loadbook is a freight broker software that connects you to safe and reliable careers. It automatically detects your current location and you can choose to have your load picked up from your current location, or you can drop a pin on the map/enter the pickup address manually. Your favorite drop addresses can be saved for quick and easy access in the future.

The Loadbook app allows users to track their load and get live updates of the driver’s location. The shipper will also be notified about the status of the booking and when the driver arrives, starts and completes a load. Once on the road, it all depends on how far it travels. Local truckload or partial truckload shipments may take only a few hours, while cross country destinations could require a few days.

Loadbook brings together shippers and carriers and lets a carrier do a load after a transparent negotiation on the price. The platform realizes that each customer will have a different preferred method of making a payment for a load. Hence they give users the option of using cash, card or a credit line (wallet). Loaders and drivers are allowed to rate each other after the completion of a trip.

Loadbook is more than just a freight broker software. It has over 300 carriers signed up on the app, so if you need to transport a load, download the Loadbook app today and start booking. Users can make any last-minute changes to the volume of the shipment, the pick-up or drop-off locations, or contact information. When you ride with Loadbook, they do their best to make the ride as flawless and easy as possible. You’ll be able to leverage smart automation, and ship more efficiently every day.

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