Particular food like berries and drinks like coffee may cause tooth discolouration. Casey Dentists helps patients get a brighter and healthier smile through their teeth whitening services. The clinic offers in-house and home whitening programs that are both convenient and effective.

[Aitkenvale, 03/07/2019] – Too much tobacco, coffee, and wine can cause tooth discolouration that ruins a person’s smile. While proper brushing and flossing can keep one’s teeth clean, it may not be enough to keep them pearly white. Casey Dentists helps patients in Townsville achieve brighter and healthier clickers through their teeth whitening services.

Diving Deeper Into the Causes

Teeth can become discoloured in three different ways: extrinsic, intrinsic, and age-related, according to an article by Colgate called “Tooth discolouration.” Extrinsic discolouration happens when the tooth’s outer layer becomes stained by certain food like berries and curry, and drinks like coffee and tea. If they’re not cleaned out correctly, the food pigments could seep into the cracks and ridges of a person’s teeth and cause permanent stains, the brand says.

Intrinsic discolouration, on the other hand, occurs when the inside of the tooth darkens. Colgate says that this may be caused by being exposed to too much fluoride during early childhood. A paper from the Royal College of Surgeons called “Treatment of Intrinsic Discoloration in Permanent Anterior Teeth in Children and Adolescents” stated that excessive amounts of fluoride might be caused by infections and physical trauma to the teeth, as well.

Age-related discolouration is influenced by a mix of intrinsic and extrinsic causes. As a person ages, their teeth weaken and more prone to staining and injuries — which may cause permanent discolouration.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Townsville

Whether it’s caused by age, injuries, or the food a person eats, Casey Dentists helps patients restore their smile through teeth whitening. The company offers in-house and home whitening programs that are both convenient and provide consistently good results.

For its in-house services, the clinic uses the Zoom 3 Advanced Power Whitening system that makes the teeth seven shades lighter in just two hours. Their home whitening treatment involves the use of self-administered bleaching trays so patients can get pearly white teeth from the comfort of their living room.

When it comes to teeth whitening, Casey Dentists is always ready to give patients safe, painless, and effective solutions.

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