Transporting a vehicle is a relatively simple process. But it is worth planning and preparing it in advance.

Something very important is the period in which we need to transport the vehicle. The whole process can last several days, so establishing a realistic deadline for moving vehicles will be beneficial for both parties and will also help the transport to be carried out professionally.

As a general rule, there are two main options when we talk about car shipping services.

The first which often turns out to be the cheapest is hiring the vehicle transport companies. It is clear that the vehicle will need to be in good working order.

Professional companies that are dedicated to moving vehicles can use their own commercial license plates. The second option would be for the vehicle to be moved using a car trailer.

If you decide to use this option, the type of trailer used will influence the level of service received and also the final price. For the delivery of urgent vehicles, trailers are usually used for individual vehicles, but since only one vehicle would be transported, the cost would be higher. Car trucks can transport several vehicles at the same time and the transportation service will be slower but should result in a lower price.

Now that you have established the type of service you need, you must carefully select a car moving companies. And here is how we can really help you, list your free vehicle transfer and get cheap car shipping quotes from the transportation companies that are competing to assist you with the task.

Before handing over your vehicle, you should study the level of experience of the vehicle carrier you have chosen, the insurance coverage and your competence. You should also examine the vehicle for existing damage, and document it with dated photos.

Choose the right transport company:

We use a reverse auction format. Using our form to transport vehicles, users can easily enter the transport data, including the type of vehicle, model and the zip code of the pick-up and destination points of the car. Transportation services will budget for the shipment of your car based on your usual transportation route.

When a car carrier budget for your shipment, you can check the level of coverage of your insurance and other details of the company. It is important to note that you can also check the score that other previous users have given you. These scores can be positive, negative or neutral.