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Carrum Downs Dental Group has been at the center of providing exquisite dental services for both medical and cosmetic dentistry over the years. With the many options available for teeth alignment, Carrum Downs Dental Group will now introduce Invisalign clear braces for advanced teeth alignment for their customers starting from June.
With the advancement in the different dental procedures, Carrum Downs Dental Group is known to keep up with state of the art technological advancements in their services to ensure their customers get the best dental services. With the introduction of Invisalign clear braces, clients will now be able to have their teeth alignment done without the traditional metal braces while still maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their smile.
Carrum Downs Dental Group Invisalign aligners are basically clear plastic invisible teeth aligners that look like whitening trays and work by gradually shifting your teeth to a desired position. Invisalign braces were first introduced to the public in May,2000. Since then, dental practitioners have been using Invisalign braces on their patients as an alternative to the widely undesirable metal braces. Invisalign braces are commonly preferred by adults because their ability to be invisible and the fact that they are removable.
Carrum Downs Dental Group Invisalign aligners are custom fitted to a client’s teeth and each set is made bigger than the next to accommodate the client’s shifting teeth. After wearing a set for a specified period of time, it is replaced by a much smaller and tighter set that shifts the teeth until the desired alignment is reached.
Invisalign clear braces are preferred because they are practically invisible. This makes them more aesthetically appealing than the traditional metal braces. Additionally, they are removable; which means you can remove them when eating and for those special occasions when you don’t want to have them on. The most advantage invisalign braces have over metal braces is that cleaning your teeth is much easier and you will not limit your diet just because you are having your teeth aligned.
Unlike metal braces Invisalign aligners will cost a few bucks more but the results are as good as ever. Besides, they make the whole teeth alignment process a breeze for most patients.
Carrum Downs Dental Group makes Invisalign clear braces available to their clients at an opportune time when adult teeth alignment is a necessity. Since most adults do not preferably want metal braces, clear braces are the most suitable option for them and Carrum Downs Dental Group is here to ensure that.