29 June 2019- Shores has always been a vital part of an individual’s status throughout history. Interestingly, shoes have been known to denote social status from the bygone era. Many people still agree with the fact that you can tell a lot about someone by looking at his or her shoes. This notion still holds. By showing off a stylish pair of Balenciaga shoes, you can represent your social status.

On the other hand, shoes are something which should not be selected only based on depicting one’s status. The factor of comfort and ease of wearing also comes to the fore. For instance, if you are someone who takes the athleisure trend a bit too seriously, then the Balenciaga runners would be an appropriate option for you. They not only help you to flaunt your style, but they also render your foot the desired level of comfort.

Mobility is another factor which sets apart a classic pair of shoes from others. Your boots should not restrict your movement whatsoever. Hence, buying a pair of shoes which would complement your looks as well as help you to move around comfortably would be a viable choice.

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