Best Western Resort brings to short trippers mini holiday packages with the purpose of making their stay most profitable.
Delhi, India, 25th June, 2019
It’s end of June and the sun is raining down fire from dawn to dusk. Rain is still a distant possibility, and there is no hope of change until monsoon. The people of Delhi and Gurgaon are however not holding their breath for the rain to arrive and put an end to their misery. Instead, they are resorting to mini vacations between busy work weeks. The Best Western Resort Country Club is one of the city’s favorite holiday and corporate day outing in Delhi NCR, destinations. Located at a 45 minutes’ drive from the city of Delhi, this place is a paradise for work and weather-beaten city dwellers.
Already a hot venue for corporate events and weddings, the Best Western Resort is now gaining popularity as a getaway destination. With a marriage hall in Gurgaon, which gives upscale hotel properties a run for their money, the resort hosts big gala weddings all-round the year. This time, it is promoting itself as a holiday destination for those looking for a quick getaway at a short distance. Now officially a 4-star property with a government seal, the Country Club is an atmospheric resort that features a hotel property, luxury suites, big outdoor pool, a sprawling sports arena, expansive wedding venues, party daises and more.
Recently, the resort has launched a Mini Vacation package for boarders who are looking to make a quick trip without having to leave the city. Ensconced between Delhi and Gurgaon, the Best Western Resort Club is at a midpoint which is easily accessible from both the cities. To top the positional advantage, the resort brings to offer a bunch of specialty packages to make the stay affordable for the boarders. The Mini Vacation Package comprises of free access to pool table, multigym, sports pavilion, swimming pool and practice courts. In addition to that, boarders on Mini Vacation packages also get free passes to DJ events happening at the time.
All guests under the said packages are given scheduled check-in and check-out at 2PM to 11AM. Meals are served three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Guests get to pick items of their choice from the day’s menu and have it delivered by room service. Room tariffs for those under the package are set, depending upon the rates at the time. Packages designed for mini vacationers allow entry for couples only. The price of the package is subject to booking and availability. Boarders are required to make 50% of the payment in advance and the rest at the time of check-in.
Aside from deluxe accommodations for vacationers, Best Western Resort also hosts one of the best wedding halls in Gurgaon. It ranks among the top 10 wedding venue in Gurgaon at this moment.
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