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Commercial establishments in Naples, Florida can trust the local U.S. Lawns location to provide several strategic drainage solutions that can mitigate flooding on their property.

[NAPLES, 6/26/2019] – Lawn care management company U.S. Lawns can offer businesses in Naples, Florida strategic landscape improvements that can help reduce flooding in their lawns. These improvements are only a part of what U.S. Lawns can do to increase the beauty and efficiency of their customers’ landscapes.

Water, Water Everywhere

Flooding can be a major concern for residential and commercial lawn owners, especially in low-lying coastal areas, like certain parts of Florida. High tide and torrential rain can ruin a business’s turf, destroy the root systems of ornamental plants and trees, and could cause soil erosion.

U.S. Lawns offers the owners of commercial property several drainage solutions that can help mitigate the effects of heavy rain and flooding. These solutions can change depending on the type of soil and the degree of slope of a given property.

Some of their recommendations include improving a lawn’s absorption capacity by adding sand and altering the contour of the land to change the flow of water through the property. Grounds care crews from U.S. Lawns can also install artful dry creek beds, which improve the visual appeal of a lawn and channel excess water away from delicate areas.

All-Around Care

U.S. Lawns does not just stop at artful drainage solutions. Their trained crews can enhance the beauty of a commercial lawn in other ways, like eco-friendly gardening methods and hardscape installation. They apply proper mulching techniques on trees and flower beds to control unwanted plant growth and soil temperature. Their crews can also install welcoming features around properties, like shaded areas with seating and lawn accents made of natural material, like rough stone and wood.
Property managers and owners can rely on U.S. Lawns for all of their lawn care needs.

About U.S. Lawns

U.S. Lawns first opened in Orlando, Florida in 1986. Since then, the commercial lawn care company has expanded across America. Today, there are over 250 U.S. Lawns locations throughout the country.
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