BeckettHanlon worldwide property company is a specialist in finding and presenting amazing properties in Spain and Portugal for UK buyers who are looking for anything from a one-bedroom apartment for their holidays to a four and five-bedroom villa for permanent residence, in addition to properties in other countries such as Switzerland.

At any given moment the company has dozens of properties of all types on its books in and around the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and the Algarve and at a wide range of prices. Some one-bedroom apartments are available for as little as €120,000 which is approximately £105,000 and is far less than you could ever buy anything remotely equivalent anywhere in the UK except perhaps in the distant Scottish Isles. 

Many people in the UK who are approaching retirement have been to Spain and/or Portugal many times on their annual holidays, and now contemplate spending the remainder of their lives in the sun and warmth offered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts of Portugal.

It makes a lot of sense. When you have spent most of your life working, raising children, and paying off the huge mortgages that we have to incur in the UK in order to even have a foot on the property ladder, one of the benefits of all that is that many retirees now have a property that can easily be worth half a million pounds and often a lot more. In addition to their pension entitlements they are now in a position to sell their homes, buy a property in the Algarve or on the Mediterranean for far less money, pocket the difference, and live a life of luxury. And why not?

Not only do you get glorious weather for much of the year, but it is like being on holiday for 52 weeks of the year!

BeckettHanlon director Drew Beckett has spent over 30 years amassing contacts with many property owners and agents in Spain and Portugal which is what enables him and his franchise partners to present an outstanding choice of properties for people who are now seeking the easy life.

Many of the properties available are close to one or more of the superb golf courses that have been built in this part of the world, so will give joy to many people who are golf fanatics. Even if you are not a golfer, there is still much to enjoy and do in Portugal and Southern Spain.