(Alexandria, VA)

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Inventory System and Asset Tracking ( https://www.asapsystems.com/barcloud/asset-tracking.php ) has partnered with Invictus International Consulting to ensure they can effectively track assets, anytime and from anywhere.

As a premier solutions provider to the National Security and Defense Communities worldwide, Invictus International Consulting is dedicated to unparalleled service to its clients. With such a high commitment to client satisfaction, it was necessary for Invictus to find help for their asset tracking needs to maintain effective productivity and asset management. Our Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System provided Invictus with a cost-effective and easy to use asset control solution. Thomas Ciampi an Invictus representative explains, “We chose BarCloud over the other systems as it was available at a good price point and the employees were great to work with.”

Our Asset Tracking System was able to offer tracking control features that allow employees to simply scan new assets and add them to their system. With multiple types of assets to track, the use of our tracking tool has enhanced productivity. Tracking everything from furniture to IT assets, Ciampi adds, “It helps us avoid using a massive excel spreadsheet.” Although Invictus saw the immediate value of our asset management system, they were equally impressed by the long term benefits that were also offered by our system. Invictus shares, “We plan to use it as we grow as a company and track our assets around the world.”

Our Cloud and Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System was a simple solution for all the needs of Invictus International Consulting. ASAP Systems is pleased to have been able to provide an easy to use the system for their asset tracking and management needs.

Visit us at https://www.asapsystems.com/barcloud/