Fouad Mofleh is a Professional photographer, Director and Instagram influencer from Dubai. He is awarded by some achievements and captures more than 100 famous celebrities.

The phenomenon of social media nowadays tends to give benefits for many people particularly those talented ones. By the followers, those people who are popular through social media are called as influencers. One of the popular influencers from Dubai is Fouad Mofleh. He is well-known for his talents and skills in photography. Currently, he has more than 68,000 followers on his Instagram account.

The popularity of Fouad Mofleh or FMK is due to some reasons. Fouad puts efforts in posting various and qualified content every day. Most of his content is the pictures of UEA’s celebrities in events or magazine photo shoots. He also tries to interact with his followers more including asking them some questions related to their daily life.

The bond between the influencers and followers is something that is always tried to improve more by Mofleh. He also wholeheartedly gives suggestions for those who are just learning about photography. For those reasons, it is reasonable if the followers of Mofleh’s account are improved very rapidly. Only in a very short period of time, his followers have been more than 65,000 on Instagram.

Not only capturing celebrities and models like Hanane Sabeh, Maysa Maghrebi, Faisal Aladwani, Nadine Nassib Njeim, and more, but he is also famous for some achievements and awards. The most prestigious one is when he won the best pictures in Canon Competition conducted in 2017/ 2018 for the category of the Best Picture in the Middle East.

To support people who want to learn more about cameras and photography, Mofleh conducts workshops in some areas in the UEA. In the workshops, people can learn not only about capturing pictures and photoshoots but also how to make videos. To join the workshops, it is free.

About Fouad Mofleh

Fouad Mofleh is a professional photographer, director, and Instagram influencer from Dubai, UEA. He has been in the world of photography since 10 years ago. Despite being a photographer for celebrities and models, he is also focusing on conducting some workshops regarding photography and videography skills. The workshops are open to everyone as well as the students can gain knowledge and information without charges. Mofleh has won some competitions including Canon Competition where he won the Best Pictures in the Middle East category.

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