When driving a car, for lack of time more often something is eaten or coffee drunk and gladly goes something wrong. Parents with young children know the problem best: stains on the car seats. But with the right home remedy, even stubborn stains can be removed. Here are the ways are given by Dry Cleaners NYC.

For each stain another means:

Grease stains: detergent or degreasing detergent

Paint, make-up or buffing stains: alcohol, alcohol or nail polish remover

Coffee or cola patches and fruit stains: shaving cream or vinegar essence

Bubble gum or resin stains: ice spray

For all types of stains (except paint): Gall soap:

The best remedy for stains on the car seat is a wet vacuum cleaner. This is not only because the steam also deep-seated dirt is solved, but above all, because hereby the pad cleaned over a large area and thus the formation of edges is prevented.

1. Suction:

In order to prevent that you dry remainders of the stain or also dust and other loose dirt on the car seat and work into the upholstery, you should first vacuum this with a vacuum cleaner on the highest level.

2. Soak the stain:

Especially with older spots, this step is very important: put a sip of mineral water on the stain and let the water for a few minutes, with old stains even longer, act. If it comes to chocolate, cocoa or fruit stains, you can soak the stain in milk, with greasy stains offers a solution of detergent and water.

3. Treat stain:

Dab the water or milk out of the pad with an absorbent cloth. Maybe the spot is almost gone? Then simply repeat the process again and refrain from using sharp cleaning agents.

If the stain is not gone, then apply the home remedy suitable for your stain on it and work the remedy down with the brush. Let it work for 10 to 15 minutes and then brush over it again.

4. Dab off the stain:

Now dab the stain again, always working from the outer edge of the stain inwards so as not to spread it.

If the stain is still not gone, repeat the treatment.

5. Clean large area:

To prevent the formation of edges, then clean the car seat with upholstery or carpet cleaner and a wet vacuum cleaner or work with the brush a mixture of mild detergent and warm water in the pad and then absorb the moisture with a cloth.

Hope these tips given by Dry Cleaners NYC will be helpful to you.