Hemp plants have been growing for thousands of years with a misconception that it can get you high when taken. At NED we have proved that if the quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol is less than 3% percent than it is one of the best oil to have due to its health benefits. We have made thousands of CBD products without getting any complaint of getting dizziness or vertigo problems by the in taker. The teams of experts working for us know how to put the THC concentration in the product. Hemp is a good source of moisturizer as help in maintaining the moisture intact upon using that is why our lip balm is a hit in the market. Moreover, there are different flavors for everyone mainly peppermint, cardamom, tangerine + grapefruit and naked.

The presence of hemp oil in the product is very beneficial for your skin. It helps in nourishing the skin and protecting it from inflammation and other signs of aging. Apart from it, the oil is great for those who are suffering from joint pains and heart issue. The presence of vitamin A, B, D, and E along with omega 3 makes it one of the most useful oil to take. Each and every product made in our factory is entirely prepared from the natural product because we don’t want to risk the life of the customer by adding preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Other than lip balm and oil we have hemp infused body butter as a moisturizer especially during winter when the air is too dry for the skin to get moisture from it.

If you want to buy CBD products from us you can visit our official website and select any product. Our process takes a few minutes to get the things done. The process of extracting oil from the plant is very slow and steady and done under a cold climate of -17 Fahrenheit, after the extraction is done we infuse them into the bottle after measuring it. These products are not for children under 18 years and also for pregnant women. Also, it is important to take the dose as directed by the physician because an overdose can cause mild hallucinations due to the presence of cannabidiol in it. There are various companies selling hemp oil but most of them contain artificial products so we recommend all the people to buy the hemp oil and its products from our website.

About the company:
The Ned has been offering hemp CBD products which includes lip balm, body butter and oil which are produced by some of the experts who has all the knowledge of hemp. Being certified by the officials their product guarantees no health issues.
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Website: www.helloned.com
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