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The bulk SMS reseller program offers clients the scope of reselling SMS credits to their consumers for business or individual requirements. There is a complete procedure that takes place. The Bulk SMS Reseller Provider offers SMS credits on sale to be bought by the reseller. Take for an instance, there are around 100, 000 credits that cost Rs. 223 each. The reseller buys these credits and then resells them in groups of 200 credits at the price of Rs. 282 each. Thus, the profit is around Rs. 59 per SMS credit. If the reseller chooses to do this on a regular basis, his or her income will be Rs. 59, 738. Ideally, the reseller will have innumerable customers instead of only a few big clients and the financial incentives are structured to this end.

Reseller Advantage

There is just one risk on the part of the reseller and that is buying the credits upfront from a bulk SMS service provider. Also, the reseller needs to collect payment from clients. Apart from these risks, there are only some great advantages coming in the way of the reseller.

One of the biggest advantages is that the credits do not expire. The reseller has the option of extending his or her existing commercial relationships with clients for including the ability to send out mass text messages.

The resellers also get the advantage of billing their customers on a monthly basis though they themselves are not billed in the same way. This means that the reseller can easily charge for the requests of loading credits to the account of the customers.

There are no setup or monthly expenditures involved when trying to serve as a Bulk SMS Reseller. The cost that the reseller needs to pay for buying SMS credits from a bulk SMS reseller provider is according to the normal batch prices shows on the pricing table of the reseller provider.

The cost incurred by the reseller’s customers is completely finalized at the discretion of the reseller only. It will depend on the customer’s perception of the value that is added by the reseller. Here, it is .important to note that the reseller has the option of using the pricing table of the reseller provider in the form of a guideline. However, there is no obligation on the part of the reseller to follow the same prices.

Resellers always have this flexibility of selling SMS credits at higher or lower rates from what they have been charged by their providers.

There are some service providers that also enable resellers to sponsor SMS credits to the other reseller accounts, be they clients or team members. This happens on an ongoing basis.

Thus, it can rightly be concluded that in this world of varied businesses, bulk SMS reseller business has evolved in the form of one of the best strategies for improving your earnings. This is one business opportunity that facilitates the concepts of text messaging solutions. Choosing to become a bulk SMS reseller always serves to be highly beneficial for individuals and businesses.