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Solo 401k is a qualified retirement investment plan for single business owners who have no full-time employees in their business. In this plan, both the employer and employee are eligible to make contributions. Also, it differs from other retirement plans because it does follow the rules and regulations of other IRA’s. It does not subject the ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) but all employees and employers can receive the same tax benefits as other retirement plans.

How to Qualify for a Solo 401k Plan?
Except for full-time employees, all others are qualified in this plan. A full-time worker is referred to an employee who has worked more than 1000 hours in a year. Other than this, employees who are less than 21 years of age are not eligible for this retirement plan. A solo 401k plan can be opened by any self-employed business, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation etc.

Solo 401k Contribution Limits
In this plan, the contribution is made in two ways as an employee or an employer. Here, both the employer and employee is the same person. If making contribution in the name of employees, then the limit is 19,000 dollars or 25,000 dollars if the age is above 50. The elective deferral can be made up to 100 percent of compensation but not exceeds annual contribution limit. If making contribution in the name of employer, a 25 percent of compensation can be made.

Types of Self-directed IRA Services
There are two types of Self-directed IRA: One is Self-directed Solo 401k and other is Brokerage based 401k. The brokerage based 401k basically limits the types of investment option but a self-directed IRA offers various diverse investment options. Even though both are qualified retirement plans, the investors choose one based on their goals.

How to Setup a Solo 401k Plan?
Nowadays setting up a retirement investment account is much easy as possible. An eligible investor can open an account using local custodians. But be sure you are working with a professional custodian. Sprout IRA is one among the retirement investment account provider companies can instantly set up a Solo 401k account. With set up, they can help to manage the account as simple as possible. To know more details about the company and contributions in the solo 401k account, visit their website at

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