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Before you buy a Toploader washing machine, you should think about the energy efficiency of the desired model. This indicates how much energy the appliance consumes during operation. If a washing machine needs a lot of energy, it belongs to the class G and is not recommended from an environmental point of view. If you are looking for an energy-saving model, we at Dry Cleaners NYC recommend a washing machine top loader of energy class A +++.

In a top loader washing machine test, you learn that the majority of machines work energy-saving and belong to the A-Class. In this the manufacturers distinguish between several gradations:


A +

A ++

A +++

In addition to the energy balance, it is worthwhile to inquire about the annual consumption of the top-loading washing machine. This is usually low for models with a high energy efficiency rating. Energy-efficient machines consume less than 150-kilowatt hours within twelve months.

At the same time, it is advisable to assess the annual consumption of water. If this is also in the low range, lower the operating costs of the washing machine. Top loader washing machine tests show that the majority of models consume 9,000 liters per year.

The spin speed affects the performance of the top loader:

If you are looking for a model suitable for you in a washer top loader test, you should pay attention to the spin number and spin efficiency class. A high spin rate reduces the residual moisture after washing. Corresponding devices reach 1,200 revolutions per minute or higher. By using these top-loading washing machines, you benefit from a laundry that contains little moisture after the spin cycle.

If you want relatively dry laundry after washing, you should choose a machine with a high spin rate and efficiency class A or B. Alternatively, purchase a top-loading washer and dryer to let the latter do the drying.

According to Dry Cleaners NYC, normally, the duration of the drying process is shortened if the laundry has little residual moisture. To save space, for example, a combination model is suitable. In a washing machine top loader test, however, you learn that a top loader with dryer is associated with higher initial costs.

Drum volume and washing programs are key factors in buying a top loader. To buy the right machine for you, consider the size of your household and the regular amount of washing.

In a single or couple household, models with a capacity of five kilograms are sufficient. In the past, manufacturers rarely produced machines with a higher capacity. Meanwhile, however, the washing machine top loaders with 7 kg capacity are on the rise.