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Zieglerville, PA. June 15, 2019 – Master Replicas Group, a producer of museum quality replicas specializing in licensed pop culture, science fiction, paleontological, and aerospace collectibles, has introduced their latest aerospace collectible, the “One Small Step” (Apollo 11 Boot Print Replica).

Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the Master Replicas Group “One Small Step” is a sculpture evoking humanity’s first steps off of the Earth. “One Small Step” is a life-size replica of the imprint left by astronauts’ boots in the fine, powdery lunar soil.

Using a process called photogrammetry, artist Whitney Potter combined modern computer technology with close-up photos taken on the moon, to produce an extraordinary 3D rendering of the lunar surface. From this, artist Jeff Stanislawski rendered a printable 3D form that captured every nuance of texture and detail.

The Master Replicas Group “One Small Step” (Apollo 11 Moon Boot Print) replica is on sale now.

For more information about Master Replicas Group’s aerospace collectibles, email Amy Trenholm at or visit the website