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Zurich could be the financial capital of Switzerland and one on the very best places to take a look at if you want a touch of Swiss city life. You will find restaurants that compete with the best in the world, museums galore, also as a massive lake with views with the distant alps. Get far more details about Zuerichstories

In this post I want to share with you many of the issues you certainly have to see in Zurich, in conjunction with some lesser identified suggestions that only a local will know to help make one of the most of your one day in Zurich – and you never know, it may even convince you to stay for longer!

Great Points To complete and Ways to Devote ONE DAY IN ZURICH


In the heart of Zurich is definitely an old town which has not changed a great deal in centuries. And the beauty of it truly is that it spans the stunningly blue Limmat river that runs suitable by means of the heart of Zurich. You are able to shed yourself for hours in the winding streets of this historic centre, locating shops and cafes that most people miss, or simply soak up the atmosphere of a time lengthy passed.


When getting oneself lost inside the old town, you certainly have to verify out the iconic “salt and pepper shakers” landmark of Zurich: the Grossmunster church. You might absolutely see it from along the river, because it stands out like a saw thumb (or salt shaker).
Not simply are there some impressive capabilities inside the church worth checking out (the stain glass windows and bronze doors) it’s towers are also one of your ideal areas to acquire a view with the city. And, it only charges you 2 bucks! At the same time as a great deal of sweat and tears, since you can find rather a lot of stairs. But it’s absolutely worth it.


No trip to Zurich is complete devoid of spending some time around the shores of this iconic lake. The location exactly where clandestine meetings with all the likes of James Bond have taken location in lots of a spy movie.

But greater than that, Lake Zurich belongs incredibly substantially to the people of Zurich, so you can find parks and areas to just sit back and appreciate the view or go for a view-ridden walk. If you want to take in the crowds and generally some local music, the left-hand promenade is the approach to go. But to get a far more peaceful and green-filled walk along the lake, head appropriate where you will at some point come to a park where a lot of a local group are going to be having an impromptu BBQ in summer time. It’s a have to do in the course of one day in Zurich.


If you’d like to take it a step further, and get pleasure from the lake to its fullest, take a boat ride to the picturesque and romantic town of Rapperswil. That is one in the most stunning towns in the region, and you will get a great view from the mountains as you head down the lake. Once you are there, you may also soak up the history within the old town or castle on the hill.

GO For any Natural SWIM

With countless mountains about, Switzerland certainly has an abundance of water. And also the good news is the fact that it can be all really clean and drinkable. You will generally obtain the restaurants serving and charging for local water (water is never ever free in Europe) because it is the fact that very good.


Zurich locals are extremely proud of their town mountain and for great explanation. Suitable on the edge of your city is this wonderful mountain – Uetliberg, covered in preserved forest, filled with hiking trails, and topped having a viewpoint and restaurant. And to add cherry on top, there is a view worth dying for. You could see ideal along the lake each of the way to the distant chain of Alps, also as an incredible overview on the city itself.
You may get here either by walking up from the tram or train stops “Triemli”, or you can take a train most of the technique to the top rated, then stroll the last 15 minutes or so. In winter, this path also becomes a local hangout for sledding.