The Fireplace Technician, one of the leading fireplace installation and services provider in Auckland, New Zealand is providing custom-designed outdoor fireplace along with complete installation.

The Fireplace Technician is one of the leading fireplace service providers in Auckland, NZ with over 50 years of experience in the industry. They provide several quality services which include chimney cleaning, fireplace maintenance and complete installation of outdoor fireplaces. The Fireplace Technician is offering new custom-designed outdoor fireplaces to give it a unique and fresh look. They provide custom designed fireplace as per the customer’s requirement along with complete installation and full warranty of the fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace gives the backyard a fresh touch of leisure and comfort. It can be used for multiple purposes. Whether to cook a meal in an open fire or to keep warm while entertaining friends and family outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add value to the exciting place or home. It provides higher utilisation of backyards as it allows to use it during all seasons of the year giving warmth from the fireplace. The Fireplace technician also design, create and provide installation pizza oven for outdoor space. Pizza ovens are great for outdoor gourmet cooking as they are efficient for quick and easy cooking. They can also be used to roast vegetables and are handy in making meat steaks. There are many kinds of outdoor fireplaces or otherwise called outdoor fire pits to choose from such as:

• Traditional Outdoor Fireplaces
• Gas Fireplaces
• Wood Fireplaces
• Brick Fireplaces
• Stones Fireplaces

The Fireplace Technician helps the customer to provide leisure and warmth to their home with unique and custom build outdoor fireplace. Their technicians work with the sale and installation of all types of solid fuel and gas heaters. The Fireplace Technician has been providing exceptional and outstanding services in fireplaces installation and maintenance services.
So, if anyone is interested in getting a custom-built outdoor fireplace, then contact The Fireplace Technician now with all the queries. Find a designated brochure of outdoor fireplaces at their website For further inquiries, call on 0800 024 324, or mail the queries to

About The Company:
The Fireplace Technician is a leading fireplace maintenance and service provider in the greater South Auckland area with 30 years of working experience in Auckland and a total of 50 years of working experience in the industry. The Fireplace Technician deal in sale and installation of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and also offer professional chimney cleaning services. They also provide all types of solid fuel and gas heaters – as well as provide professional chimney and flue cleaning, replacement flue systems, repairs, tiling, hearths, and fire surrounds.