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One can find a pizza shop in every nook and corner of any city. With the increasing competition in today’s time where there are a lot of optional available for the customers like home delivery, etc.

It has become imperative for the pizza owners to strengthen their marketing efforts. With billions of mobile users across the globe, mobile marketing has become the first preference of the marketers.

Among the mobile phone marketing, SMPP Server Bulk SMS is the most widely used mode of marketing which is used mainly because of effectiveness and result-oriented approach.

As compared to emails and other forms of marketing, Bulk SMS Carriers more than 98% open rate within just three minutes of being received. Take a look at how pizza vendors can derive huge benefits using SMPP Server API as their marketing tool:

Provide offers and incentives to your target customers

Provide your target audience with an incentive to get a free slice of pizza on signing up. This would be a great way to encourage your audience as incentives always mark their impacts in the hearts of the public. It is the need of the hour that the marketer offers something which possess some value in it. What can be more valuable for pizza lovers than a slice of it as incentive.

Make your customers feel delighted

To increase revenue it is recommended to delight your customers. Offer them a reward like a free cold drink or a free snack on buying a large size pizza. You can also offer them a free slice of another flavour on purchase of a large size pizza by the customer. Send them such promotional offers via SMS.

Promote your pre orders::

Text messaging can be a great way to promote your pre-orders. Give your audience a personal touch with your pizza.

For example, offer your audience a good discount if they pre-order pizza for any world cup Wimbledon match. In this way you will not only increase your revenue but will also enhance your brand equity.

Reward your Loyal Customers

Every customer loves to be rewarded. Reward your loyal customers by giving them special discounts/offers on their birthdays. The best way is to offer them a free personal pizza to celebrate. Such exercise will delight your loyal customers and they will contribute a lot in increasing your word of mouth.