(June 10, 2019)- Center for Global Training is pioneering the recruitments and the empowerment of human capital. Center for Global Training visualizes soft skills and training in the same as the biggest ladder to success. With the human capital becoming “glocal”, recruiters are looking for candidates who mirror their requirements perfectly. In order to land the position of their dreams, candidates need to have skills that truly make them indispensible for the companies of their dreams. Irrespective of the technical skills, academic achievements and other knowledge, it is imperative to have soft skills as a sure shot too have an edge over the others. Hence, empowering human capital needs a thorough focus on soft skills and leadership qualities.

With this perspective, Center for Global Training is helping people across the world to arm themselves with the exceptional soft skills to create their exceptional resumes. “Talent isn’t, just people, it is people with the specific skills, behaviors and a way of operating, that must be able to align with the needs of an organization.” The soft skills are still very much in dearth across the world. It is because of this reason that puts them in vogue. In addition to this, soft skills allow individuals to empower themselves in order to seamlessly adjust in any of the companies across various industries and become interdisciplinary assets to the corporate world. Moreover, good soft skills are an effective tool that makes them exceptional in handling the global customers, which is the backbone of industries such as imports, exports, international business, and ever evolving technology. “Learning is essential as change is fundamental because life is never static.” With this motto, Center for Global Training is making human resource management courses and human capital training and development accessible to individuals and potential candidates across the world to make it through.

“Center for Global Training provides the opportunity to reflect on soft skills with the greatest integrative learning experience in seminars and work shops – whether online and face-to-face.” Soft skills have the potential to fortify the globalization and international development. The social skills include communication, listening, resolving conflict, making decisions, solving problems, teamwork, strategy, critical thinking analysis, emotional intelligence, integrity, empathy, patience, management of emotions, and regulation of behaviors. Skills like staying calm, listening intently, and presenting clear and persuasive evidence are dominating the global scene and with Center for Global Training, it is becoming easier to master them.

About Center for Global Training:
Center for Global Training is using soft skills for empowering human capital. With the focus on the “glocal” community, soft skills are becoming the biggest tool to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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