Zhejiang, China (07.06.2019) – In all motion control systems, the ultimate objective is to move some kind of load. The component in the motion system responsible for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy is called the motor; the output shaft of which has to connect some way or another to whatever the load is in order to complete the task. This final connection can take numerous forms. Some of the most proficient approaches to connect with the load are supposed direct drive methods, where the motor is directly coupled to the load. When this is not plausible, different mediator techniques are used to couple the motor to the load and Roller chain is one of them. Roller chains have the advantage of being a genuinely direct and basic method of transmission of mechanical energy. They are built like a normal chain like structure; that is, a progression of barrel shaped rollers connected by chain. A pivoting sprocket which is connected to the motor moves the chain while the opposite end of the chain would then be able to be connected to some part of the load. The drawback of roller chains is that they wear out over time increasing the pitch which makes them looser and increasingly compliant. The main factors that limit their lifespan are corrosion, wear, and fatigue.

Roller chains supplied by China based company GIDI CHAIN LIMITED are of high tensile strength and  extremely beneficial for numerous applications which have to cope with extreme operating conditions like hot or cold, wet or dry, etc. The chains are wear resistant as well as fatigue resistant with a long, dependable working life. Thus customers can have complete peace of mind using roller chains manufactured and supplied by GIDI CHAIN LIMITED. The company provides an extensive range of roller chains that are used in various different industries like material handling equipment, packing machine, engineering machinery, car parking industry, palm oil mill industry, mining and metallurgy, and more. GIDI CHAIN LIMITED specializes in the manufacturing of both European Standard roller chains as well as American Standard roller chains which includes transmission roller chain, self-lubricating roller chains, bushed chains, and heavy duty roller chains, etc. More detailed information about their roller chain is listed on

Located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province; GIDI CHAIN LIMITED manufactures over 3000 varieties of chains, such as, forged chains, welded chains, paver chains, flat top chains, conveyor chains, and more. About 90% of these chains are exported overseas, primarily in European, Southeast Asian, South American and North American countries. The company has over 15000 m factory equipped with 100 sets of advanced and professional production equipments and in order to produce only high quality products, perfect and strict quality control system is implemented in all processes from purchasing of material to packaging of finished products. Over 180 employees can produce 60k meters every month through four production lines of the company. GIDI CHAIN LIMITED also has the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management system certification which is a testament to their excellent quality and workmanship.

GIDI CHAIN LIMITED is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of over 3000 varieties of chains in China. The company has more than a decades’ experience of manufacturing roller chains.

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