Clients of Physio and Sole Clinic, a podiatry and physiotherapy centre in Singapore, can get selected conditions treated with cutting-edge extracorporeal shock wave therapy.

[SINGAPORE, 06/04/2019]- Physio and Sole Clinic uses extracorporeal shock wave therapy to effectively treat a variety of chronic soft tissue injuries and specific bone ailments. This non-invasive and non-surgical treatment does more than treat such conditions.

Power of Shock Waves

Extracorporeal shock wave is a form of therapy that goes back to the 1980s. The technology behind it uses shock waves generated by a device to induce certain effects in the body. Doctors initially used extracorporeal shock waves to treat kidney stones. With the power of the shock waves, physicians could disintegrate the kidney stones with no need for surgery.

Physio and Sole Clinic can use this technology to provide relief and treatment to pain in a patient’s shoulder, hip, shin or heel. The clinic’s staff can also use extracorporeal shock wave therapy to treat chronic tendinopathy, tennis elbow and jumper’s knee.

The procedure requires no surgery and is non-invasive. Patients will feel a strong sensation akin to tapping on the area, with some minor discomfort.

Additional Benefits of the Treatment

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy has few risks or side effects, but it has the following health benefits. Physio and Sole Clinic can use the extracorporeal shock wave therapy to quickly numb any pain, providing quick relief.

The shock waves also enhance blood circulation and collagen production. The repeated waves can reduce inflamed tissue and stimulate the recuperation and mobility of joint tissue.

About Physio and Sole Clinic

Physio and Sole Clinic operates in Singapore and caters to the physiotherapy and podiatry needs of patients through its local and licensed practitioners. The clinic’s staff is capable of conversing in
English, Mandarin and various dialects to fully understand their patients. It is committed to helping patients lead a pain-free life and resume their pre-injury lifestyle. It serves the young, active and silver-haired.

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