Haffner Law’s team of experienced trial attorneys can help resolve the internal and external conflicts of a company through expertly handled business litigation.

[LOS ANGELES, 06/03/2019] – Haffner Law can assist a company in resolving internal or external disputes by guiding and representing them in legal proceedings. The firm’s trial attorneys are experienced in dealing with many different scenarios that require business litigation. Their expertise can help minimize any consequences from conflicts.

The Right Attorneys for the Right Scenarios

Businesses run into different kinds of hurdles and hardships, no matter how well-managed. Some of these problems do not require legal intervention. However, when the occasion arises that a company needs to protect its assets or its reputation, Haffner Law can provide the legal expertise required to see the case through.

The firm’s lawyers have experience is dealing with a variety of commercial conflicts. These include defending companies from lawsuits filed by antagonistic enterprises, rectifying breaches of contracts, and arbitrating contractual problems during the acquisition of another organization. Haffner Law also represents companies when employees file cases against their employers for alleged contract violations.

Haffner Law can assist with the situation if a business is facing any of these scenarios.

Securing Interests Through Quality Representation

Haffner Law realizes how disruptive legal conflicts can be to the smooth operation of businesses. Without proper representation, a business could suffer heavy losses or dissolve entirely due to a legal struggle.

Haffner Law’s attorneys can help businesses avoid any significant fallout from a court case. They can guide companies through the complex process and of business litigation. These lawyers will work hard to ensure that business clients keep the financial future and integrity of their companies strong.

About Haffner Law

Haffner Law, named in 2018 as the Legal Lion by Law360, handles cases in personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance bad faith, among others. The Los Angeles-based law firm’s attorneys are personally committed to every case.

The firm is headed by Joshua Haffner who has worked on civil litigation more than 20 years.

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