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Bamboo is a little used but very sustainable when used as a material in the production of Woven Parkett. The leading company has captivated us with its awareness of the environment and its 100% ecological style.

The raw material in its manufacture is bamboo, a natural element capable of completely regenerating over a period of five years.

The benefits of Bambus Sichtschutz Elemente in terms of processing are many. We must highlight both qualitative and aesthetic aspects of this natural plant that is implemented as the only alternative to parquets or solid-wood eco-sustainable floors.

The species of bamboo used in laminate floors is woody, composed of lignin and cellulose, presenting innumerable advantages. First, these floors have a high resistance to scratches produced by furniture, are easy to clean and do not require further maintenance. In addition, it adapts to climatic changes, adapting very well in humid environments and is a fantastic thermal conductor.

The ranges of finishes presented by the Vanity Bamboo brand are perfect for every space in your home. You can find in our online store a wide variety of shades and finishes, from the most rustic like the Strand model to the more natural like the Strand Caramel model.

Laminate flooring made of bamboo:

Parkett bambus are ideal for rooms or for large spaces such as the living room. The particularity they have is their soft touch and resistance. Vanity Bamboo also offers a range of bamboo laminate flooring for the kitchen and bathroom.

Industrieparkett is resistant to moisture and stains caused by liquids. The Strand Woven Hi-Denity range has an extraordinary hardness and is more resistant than classic wood floors.

Bamboo laminate flooring kitchen:

In, we love to offer different brands, each with its own style and its special ranges. Bamboo is undoubtedly a sustainable material and 100% recommended for your home. In our online showroom, we will show you the different models and we will advise you on the decision as specialists in laminate flooring and other bambus produkte.

Economic price, compared to wooden parquet, due to its wide availability of raw material (compared to the wood that takes many more years to grow). Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and therefore, it is cheaper than wood.

Cleaning the bamboo parquet with a vacuum cleaner:

As for the cleaning of parkettboden, it happens like wooden floors in general. Cleaning of bamboo floors is recommended to vacuum, or a mop.