At a Glance!

Start-Up : Wooden Street

Founders : Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat

Year It was Founded : 2015

Location : Udaipur

Section : Furniture E-Commerce

Unique Selling Point : Custom Made Furniture

Been studying or working hard all week? Or another rough week over and you are done with it? Then finally it is time for the fun that you have been waiting for since Monday morning, i.e. party with a bang.

Whether you want to spend some quality time with your someone special or bar hopping with your best buddies, Wooden Street makes every moment joyous with an exciting range of bar furniture units. These units are designs in different forms and themes to cater the needs of every individual.

Here’s a rundown of different types of bar furniture units:

Bar Cabinets:

The bar cabinets offer the right way to keep your bar items in an organized and arranged way. This furniture unit of the bar gives a natural, timeless and classic look to the bar.

The bar cabinets are available in different shapes and sizes. This piece of bar furniture can add a beautiful quality to the bar area of your abode.

Wine Racks:

Wine racks offer the best way for the showcase of your exquisite collection of different ageless wines and beverages. Also, this unit of the furniture is a multi-purpose wine stand which can incorporate functionality as well as the style in your bar area.

Bar Trolleys:

The bar furniture which is called as bar trolley is perfect storage unit on wheels. You can store your wines in an organized and arranged way. Due to the design and idea of this bar furniture, this unit of a bar is capable of giving a functional and artistic look.

The bar trolley makes a perfect place to store all wine glasses and bottles in the organized form. You can surely find everyone amazed by buying wooden bar trolley for your bar.

Bar Chairs:

From traditional to a contemporary one, the bar chairs are designed in stunning looks. The bar chair is a piece of furniture unit which can make your bar area comfortable and classy. This bar furniture unit comes in different height and style to cater to the needs of every individual. For style interiors, you can go for the wooden bar chairs and metal ones are best for contemporary interiors.

Bar Stools:

The bar stool has evolved from a simpler look to more elaborate designs. A bar stool is a versatile piece which will add an elegant seating place to your bar space. This is a very interesting furniture unit that saves space and adds flavour.

They are designed for both looks and comfort with adding features footrests, backrest and armrest. Bar stools are available in various options, some prefer the feel of a classic, retro, rounded stool seat, while others like the look of a square or rectangle.


Bar furniture is the perfect choice to increase the functionality in your home bar. These furniture units can make your bar area comfy and classy.

From serving on wheels to sitting in style, the bar furniture units are shaped in different forms. Every furniture unit at this online store is crafted from solid hardwoods like Sheesham and Mango.

In just a few clicks you can easily avail the customization facility to mould furniture in your way. Be it size, shape, style or storage needs, sort out your needs to customize the unit.