Face Masks are an ideal way of removing the dead cells on the outer layer of our skin. In fact, high-quality face masks perform many functions that improve the health and appearance of our skin. A face mask from Queen-ka can improve our skin texture; make it clearer and more translucent. This product also preserves the youthful qualities of our skin. It has a deep cleansing action on the skin, can remove impurities, wastes and dead skin cells as well. It also keeps the skin pores free of clogged oil and prevents many other skin problems. These face masks are the latest marvel to out in the cosmetic market. You will be amazed by the healing properties that the masks contain and it can do wonder for your skin.

Ingredients and effectiveness of the face masks

What makes this Face Mask for Younger Looking Skin different from others is its cleansing function and rich natural ingredients. It removes the excess oil, pollutants, environmental debris much more effectively and gently than any astringents, toner or scrubs. Various anti-ageing natural skin care ingredients are used in the face masks like the extract of lemon balm leaf, Skullcap extract, lotus extract, extracts of evening primrose flower, witch hazel extract and pine extract etc. They help to remove sebum, dirt and dead skin so that your skin looks soft, clean and youthful. Masks are a good way to pep up the skin, in no time at all.

Applying these face masks are considered as the best way to enhance the appearance of your lifeless skin. It can effectively Remove Dead Skin from Face. No matter, you have a dry, oily or normal skin, fabric infused face masks help to cope up well with many skin problems and also offer a radiant skin.