Today’s find is nothing other than a true designer gem. This is one of those pieces I come across in Goodwill that elicits a physical response. I’m talking an unchangable smile and racing heart kind of piece, dear readers. When I spot something like this, I have to stash it just for my loyal audience – you all deserve the creme de cheap valentino t shirts polos la creme of my Goodwill finds.

Drum roll, please. I present to you, the finest of vintage Valentino that my savvy shopping eyes have ever laid upon! This one is taking the cake for my loveliest designer fine of all time and it can be yours today, my dearest fashion lovers.
In a sleek and smooth silk, this Valentino jacket is the perfect wardrobe staple. Made of 100% silk, the contrast in texture with the body and the buttons is perfect. The buttons are a stark white with a slight textured overlay. This Valentino piece is cut in a feminine and fitted fashion. Its got a full-sleeve and flat fronted pockets for a trim fit. With a deep scoop neck and darted waist, this will surely flatter any woman’s curves. It comes to you as a size 12, but remember – this piece is vintage!

And just because its vintage, by no means should you think this is only a ‘special occasion’ wear. I see potential for this piece throughout the professional and casual wardrobe! With the neutrality of monochrome, you can rope this sassy little number into many different outfits. Here is a few examples of how I see it being rocked! I like the idea of pairing this classic piece with something that has cheap valentino belts polos contemporary flair. Think about a mod printed pant or skirt – black can easily be paired with print. An edgy shoe will bring the whole look together, too.