ASTPP is one of the renowned open source VoIP billing solutions. This open source solution is maintained and managed by an Indian IT company. The official maintainers of the ASTPP sponsored and organized a gala launch event on May 28, 2019. The official team of ASTPP developers, designers, marketers, sales, QA and support engineer were present in the event. Also, some of the leading businessmen based in India stayed present in the event. The event was covered live on the Facebook and Instagram with an ongoing twitter campaign to allow the worldwide users of ASTPP to witness the event.

Among all delegates and dignities, the ASTPP community leader, Mr. Samir Doshi, announced the launch of ASTPP 4.0. As per the made announcement the ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution is now transformed into the ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform. The ASTPP is still an open source solution. However, it has many more modules and features to provide a one stop solution for the VoIP service providers. The ASTPP Version 4.0 has enhanced all modules of ASTPP 3.6. Also, the community has introduced many new modules and functionalities.

At the launch event, the ASTPP leader also announced launch of the add-on concept. The add-ons will work independent from the core platform changes and it will resolve all compatibility related issues to let the customers use this solution as a whole telephony platform without any issues.

The ASTPP 4.0 also introduced the enterprise version. The enterprise version users will get some additional add-ons which are not available for the ASTPP community version users. Also, the enterprise version users will get some premium services such as migrations, support, etc.

“We have launched ASTPP Enterprise Version to help us get going in the viciously competitive world. We will not stop working on the community version. We will keep working on the enhancement and empowerment of ASTPP to help businesses that prefer to use the community version. The ASTPP will also be an open source software solution, but now, it is more powerful and a complete VoIP solution”, shared Samir Doshi, Community Leader, ASTPP.

The event also had different segments which were conducted by different ASTPP experts on subjects listed below:

• ASTPP Insights & Sneak Peak to the ASTPP 4.0 by Samir Doshi, Community leader, ASTPP
• Walkthrough of the ASTPP Version 4.0 by Tech Lead, ASTPP
• ASTPP 4.0 Security by QA Lead
• ASTPP Mobile SIP Dialer by Mobile Development Team Lead
• ASTPP Support and Community Reach by Support Lead

The event also had an interactive segment in which the Anchors interacted with the ASTPP team and asked about their experiences related to ASTPP and ASTPP 4.0 development.

The event had the last segment of impressive performances by the team ASTPP. The event wrapped up after the dinner.

The ASTPP website is also revamped to give required information about the newly launched ASTPP 4.0. The new website has a new look and feel as well. For more details, visit