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Invertis University, the best B.Sc. Maths College in Bareilly, UP has launched Abhiruchi – The Hobby Club to help students realize their respective professional career goals with grownup personality, soft skills, technical prowess and managerial traits. A welcome move to the students of Invertis University, Abhiruchi – The Hobby Club is an incomparable platform for them to be employable in terms of qualities and skills.

Abhiruchi – The Hobby Club at Invertis, the best B.Sc. Botany University in Bareilly is an all-in-one platform comprising of six clubs, which together help them discover their interests, pursue their passions, build their personality and develop their leadership quality. The six clubs are the Management Club, the Cultural Club, the Art Club, the Publication Club, the Sports Club and the I-Tech Club.

Each of the clubs has individual goals and perspectives for the professional making of students beyond studies. Students are actively participating in different activities and events organized by the clubs under the banner of Abhiruchi at Invertis University, the best B.Sc. Maths College in UP. The chief end of the Management Club is to nurture and develop students’ managerial qualities, irrespective of their departments, whereas the Sports Club leads them to develop their teambuilding and team handling skills. The Art and the Publication Club are where students can nurture their artistic vision and aesthetic knowledge, while they learn the latest tools and technological developments related to their respective fields of study at the I-Tech Club.

Invertis is the only B.Sc. Botany University in Bareilly to take care of students’ overall growth in personal and professional terms, so that they can exude their sporty personality, display their creative thoughts, exhibit their management knowledge and showcase their capability of taking leadership challenges.

About Invertis University

Invertis University is a leading center of learning with unmatched excellence in offering career-oriented educational programs in different disciplines of knowledge. Located in Bareilly, UP, Invertis is not just the best B.Sc. Maths College in Bareilly, UP but also the best place for other fields of study, such as engineering, fashion designing, journalism, mass communication, hospitality management and social studies. Founded in 1998, Invertis University is recognized by University Grand Commission (UGC), the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), the state government of UP and others.