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iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd had announced the launch of its product iCallify, which is an Intelligent Call Center Software. After a week of the launch, the director of the company shared numbers they achieved with their different marketing campaigns as well as the type of response they are receiving for their intelligent call center solution.

“We are delighted with the results. We have built the best call center solution and there was no doubt about the fact that we are going to receive good response for the iCallify. However, the responses we are receiving are more than expected and fast. We are extremely happy to see that companies and call centers all across the world like our call center solution”, shares spokesperson of the company.

About iCallify

It is intelligent call center software, which is developed by iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This call center solution is multi tenant call center software. It means it can be used by a large scaled call center or a call center service provider to run its operations and business. It is provisioned with various types of call routing rules and call center dialers to support all kinds of inbound, outbound and blended call center campaigns.

The company has made this call center software available for small businesses as well by making easy to afford packages with a small number of seats. This call center solution is built to meet needs of all different industry verticals.

It is developed using the cutting edge technologies and smart algorithms, so its users can take benefit of automation and efficiency. It is also a highly flexible system which allows the integration of any third party software or API in it to use an all inclusive solution.

This intelligent call center solution is in production and the company is providing a free walkthrough of this solution to its prospects. Within a week span, the company has received a lot of inquiries and many of them are in the final stage of closure as per the shared details by the spokesperson of the company.

The director of the company, Mr. Arpit Modi, celebrated this victory by throwing a small in-house party. The team of iCallify cut the cake and Mr. Arpit Modi shared his thoughts and feelings with the members of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The spokesperson of the company shared that the company has developed a team iCallify which is made up of the best developers, business developers, designers and quality assurance professionals. This team has been working on this call center software for more than 7 months and now this team will exclusively work on iCallify only.

“We have a dedicated team to take care of iCallify. We are addressing current inquiries at the moment with demos. We are going to keep making improvements in this call center solution to benefit the users of the iCallify”, shared Mr. Arpit Modi, Director and Co-founder of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The company has also added a webpage for the iCallify which gives complete details of this solution: