If you have had your share of plane trips and you are thinking about giving a try to something different and a little more adventurous, a journey by train may be exactly what you need. In case you are interested in a package which combines the cultural highlights of Russia and the scenic beauty of this unique country, you should opt for the Vladivostok to Moscow Trans-Siberian package or for any other similar package that has caught your attention.

The Trans-Siberian train packages have become the favourite choice of numerous tourists who are looking for a unique travel experience. With a multitude of stopovers in lots of exciting destinations such as Ulan-Ude, Lake Baikal, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Vladimir/Suzdal, this amazing trip will surely enhance your experience of Russian culture. During this epic journey, you will be able to visit cultural highlights in Russia’s famous cities, as well as to discover the wild beauty of the Russian sceneries. You will also get to visit the majestic Lake Baikal in Siberia and the city of Irkutsk, where many Russians were exiled after the Decembrist revolt in 1825.

The Polny VM8 travel package, which includes a 26 days’ itinerary, with six stops and interesting tour programs in Vladivostok, Ulan-Ude, side trip in Mongolia, Irkutsk / Lake Baikal, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Moscow, is a dream come true for travellers who are fond of Russia, its culture and its history. The tour includes visa invitation documents, arrival and departure transfers, guided excursions, accommodation and meals, as listed in the itinerary. The three nights guided open steppe program, the guided excursion in Ekaterinburg, the days by the shore of Lake Baikal and the hiking trip in Stolby Nature Reserve are amongst the highlights of this impressive travel package.

The good news is that the trans Siberian railway cost is affordable and does not require tourists to make a significant financial investment. The cost of the Trans-Siberian train journeys may vary between €1,505 and € 5,000, depending on the duration of the trip, the number of stops, the number of people travelling together, etc. With a little planning in advance, you will definitely find a travel package with a trans Siberian express cost that you can afford. Remember that a journey by train, which will enable you to explore the most representative parts of Russia, with everything that this country has to offer, will be worth every penny.

Numerous travellers prefer trips by train because they have the possibility of making several stops, of exploring sites of interest during guided excursions, as well as on their own. If you want to spend more time in a place that has caught your attention, you can do it. You can take a map and navigate by foot as long as you like, provided that you return at the established location at the hour of the departure. Also, you can buy fresh food from local vendors, go hiking or engage in any other activity of your choice, provided that you are back at the train station on time. In case you have not found a travel package that suits your budget or your time frame, you should not worry: the organizers of the trips will give you the possibility of making adjustments, so that you can enjoy the journey of your life time.

In case you are interested in planning a Trans-Siberian journey, the tips below may help you: first of all, start by selecting the start city of your journey and the direction of your travel; secondly, make a list with the destinations you want to visit. You can also play around with the tour programs in each destination, coordinate travel dates, substitute or extend tour programs, customizing your itinerary to suit your travel style. All in all, the power to embark on an epic journey that you will always remember is in your hands.

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