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Attending Best Fine Art Classes in Orange County, CA benefits the health of children and adults.

Fine motor control:

Remembering that the loss of fine motor skills is called Parkinson’s disease, therefore it can be defined by the control and coordination of muscles, tendons, and bones to perform small, calculated and very precise movements.

Thus the child by pressing the brush more or less on the canvas, by mixing the colors without spreading the mixture throughout the palette, by wetting the brush using only the tip of it or by applying the pigment on the surface of the canvas.

The student is developing a greater development in the sophistication that these movements contain and in the case of adults, when working these movements, is doing an invaluable work of prevention against the onset of Parkinson’s.

Painting helps prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s:

The practice of painting improves the quality of life and reduces anxiety and depression in Alzheimer’s patients. Similarly, it has been proven that the possibility of contracting the said disease is reduced, by strengthening the neuronal connections between the two brain areas, and in the same way, the cognitive disorders that Alzheimer’s sufferers suffer are considerably reduced.

Painting prevents and combats depression:

Oil Painting Classes in Orange County, CA helps us to listen and to endure without the need to be always distracted with someone, so as not to have to face our most intimate “I”.

Painting, we will never find ourselves alone in this society, in the background, so lonely. And we will learn to enjoy ourselves. And to evade the problems that plague us thinking.

Because when we paint we arrive at what is called Alpha waves, that is, we enter a field of electromagnetic oscillations whose frequencies oscillate between 8 and 12 Hz that are caused by the electrical activity of brain cells in the thalamus area.

Hence, time passes without giving us practically account. In the philosophy of art, it is what was called aesthetic experience, long before scientists could prove it.

Self-control and improvement in patience to achieve goals in life:

A painting made with a certain detail or with effects whose technique requires previous drying of the lower layers of paint. Little by little and in an associative way, both the child and the adult artist will begin unconsciously to apply in their daily lives, the fruits with which it rewards thanks to the use of well-trained patience at the time of having to solve the problems of everyday life.