FabSoft is proud to present Tag DOC, a document management solution for a variety of industries and applications including finance, legal, education, real estate, construction, manufacturing and healthcare. It offers a fully automated document tracking solution that helps streamline workflows and enhance accuracy throughout the warehouse environment. Most importantly, Tag DOC provides a proprietary barcode system that overcomes the accuracy limitations of conventional optical character recognition. This helps to ensure that documents enter the workflow at the right place and time, and these actions can also be configured to launch custom events. For example, if a new pick order is received through the order entry system, an invoice for that order might be generated automatically using the data provided by the system. This document barcode scanning system prioritizes accuracy and workflow automation to make the supply chain more efficient than ever.

Tag DOC is available in two primary forms – as downloadable software or as part of the Reform Link. The downloadable product is also available as a 60-day trial, and it can be installed on a single computer used as a server for your document management and tracking system. Alternatively, you might prefer the Reform Link Box, which is a small computer dedicated exclusively to helping you manage your document workflows more effectively. The Reform Link Box is available for up to 10 and 20 desktop clients, 5 and 10 multi-function printer clients and 100 and 200 tracking clients respectively. If the Medium and Large offerings aren’t enough, FabSoft can provide a fully customized solution to suit your needs. Get started today at http://www.fabsoft.com/products/tag-doc.html .