If you are planning to surprise your guests with the vintage theme Great Gatsby party entertainment than you need to checkout for the best Great Gatsby dancers who can add that vintage twist to your party.

Finding the dancers is not easy as there are a very few who knew this vintage dancing style. Swing Patrol is one dancing troupe that offers you to hire their dancers who can perform to both Great Gatsby and Blitz party entertainment as they promote this dancing style to all the enthusiast who are interested in swing dancing. Swing dance is very much popular during the 1920’s to 40’s which comprises of different dancing styles that come under this umbrella. Lindy Hop is quite popular as the mother of swing dance that has been originated in the area of Harlem and has been inspired by the Afro-American dancing styles. This dancing style is highly energetic and would bring a lot of joy to the dancers and viewers. Similarly, Blues is also one dancing style that is evolved from the African rhythms and movements and is widely appreciated as a social dance at parties and events. You can also find Swing Patrol teaching Solo Jazz with a versatile moves and Charleston known for the dancers beaded headdresses and dresses that has been a fashion at that time. Balboa also comes under Swing Dance which is often danced to faster music and the dancers in a tight embrace to perform the quicker movements.

Swing Patrol offers classes to everyone who is interested in this dancing style irrespective of their age or dancing skills and hence you can find the best of dancers to hire from Swing Patrol for your Great Gatsby party entertainment. The dancers perform at weddings, parties, corporate events and many more popularising this dancing style and entertaining the crowd with the vintage twist. You can choose from the different packages being offered by Swing Patrol and in case you go for the Grand Slam package you can simply relax as the dance troupe shall take care of making all the necessary arrangements like finding a suitable venue to arranging the MC services, DJ’s, bar, hair and makeup, photo booth and many more necessary to entertain your guests. The dancers not only perform but also encourage the audience to learn a few steps and rock the dance floor. No doubt you would have lot of fun and entertainment choosing the yesteryear party themes like Great Gatsby or Blitz.

Swingpatrol offer a range of swing dance entertainment packages for Great Gatsby and Blitz party entertainment to create unique corporate events designed to suit you and your guests @ http://www.swingpatrol.co.uk/

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